We terminate viruses and all mutations by creating genetic protection

In AVA Bio Defender we solve the viral variant and mutation threat.
We are developing the MASTER ™ solution that destroys the virus regardless of any future mutations- a thing that vaccines are unable to do today.
The world has no answer to viral diseases. As we all learned recently, once a virus is mutated vaccines are often not effective anymore.
Our MASTER ™ solution will change the world. Using elite technologies such as siRNA (Nobel, 2006), CRISPR (Nobel, 2020), and lipid nano-particles (LNP), our molecular technology remains effective against mutated viruses and any of their future variants.

Using siRNA and CRISPR, we create a method to make poultry viral resistant from birth. The chicken will be genetically protected not only from the initial virus, but also from any future mutations and variants. We can make the 60 billion chickens and 2.2 trillion eggs that are consumed annually viral resistant, and harvest income from each.

Human treatment
Another use for our special siRNA molecules is as a human treatment against viruses and mutations, including COVID-19 and influenza. We use Lipid Nano Particles, which can direct our molecules to targeted sites in the human body and effectively destroy the virus. That protection is predicted to last in the body for months, instead of days as it is in regular medicines today. Our medicine serves both as a cure for sick people and as a preventive solution for healthy people.
AVA Bio Defender is a private commercial company.
Our successful R&D is expected to generate a multi-billion dollar income both in the meat production market and in the human pharmaceutical market.

The Team

Lior Ziegler | Founder & CEO.

Officer in the IDF’s elite commando unit, Intelligence officer in the prime minister’s office operations department. Successful EXIT (IPO) with OREX – an Israeli MedTech start-up.

Prof. Dan Peer, PhD | Chairman of AVA’s Advisory Board.
world renowned siRNA expert, director of the Laboratory of Precision Nanomedicine at Tel Aviv University, Vice President for Research and Development at Tel Aviv University. Peer’s work was among the first to demonstrate systemic delivery of RNA molecules using targeted nanocarriers to the immune system and he pioneered the use of RNA interference for drug discovery in immune cells, licensed his technologies to large pharma companies including Pfizer.

Prof. Yechezkel Kashi, PhD | AVA’s Scientific Board.
Head of molecular biology and food engineering at the Technion Institution. Ex. President of Israeli Microbiology Association, Israel.

Prof. Michal Mandelboim, PhD | AVA’s COVID-19 and influenza consultant.
Head of the national center of respiratory viruses and influenza.

Prof. Dan Heller, PhD | AVA’s Scientific Board.
EX. Head of the department of animal sciences. A world leading name in poultry immunology and pathology expert.

Col. Dr. Y. Shapira, PhD | AVA’s scientific board.
The State of Israel Nuclear atomic energy committee, Ex. Head of the research division. A combat pilot in the Israeli air force, member of the academic committee of the IDF, the Israeli Police and Israel’s prime minister office.

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Tel: +972-2-6235987
4 Hillel st. Jerusalem, Israel.